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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hampton & Larsson Now Manufacturing Bifold Doors With Integrated Screen System

Stylish Screening Solution
The issue of insect screening has long been a limiting factor to external bifold doors in the modern-day building and renovation industries. The desirability of uninterrupted views and unrestricted movements in the summer months had to be balanced with the need to eliminate insects.

Used singly, or paired together to allow for an infinitely adjustable opening position, Centor’s Door Screen units are a revolutionary response to unpleasant flying pests for those who hate to compromise on style.

The design of Centor’s Door Screen system means they complement and bifold opening. Integrated into the architecture of the joinery frame itself and functioning so simply and smoothly, it will not feel like a tacked on afterthought.

Max Frame Size
Double Screen - 2400mm High x 5800mm Wide
- 3000mm High x 4800mm Wide

Single Screen - 2400mm High x 3000mm Wide
- 3000mm High x 2400mm Wide

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Louvre Windows - Environmental Efficiency at No Extra Cost

The louvre window has become increasingly popular given its functionality to control & improve airflow through any building. The louvre offers greater ventilation than any other window type and can be adjusted to suit all weather conditions, making it a sound environmental choice. You can even leave them open when it’s raining.

Modern louvre windows use the Breezeway Altair system. This system consists of a gallery running the height of the opening which is screwed into the window frame. This plastic clip sits in the gallery & holds the louvre blade in place, preventing it from moving or rattling. The clip height size is either 102mm or 152mm and can accommodate glass, timber or aluminium louvers. The handle mechanism sits in the gallery & allows the louvers to be adjusted to any position from closed to fully open. A weather strip is fitted to the top & bottom of the gallery’s.

Technical Drawing

Energy Efficiency
Louvre windows allow households to optimize airflow & can be adjusted to respond to a variety of weather conditions which help improve energy efficiency in the house.
Technical WERS ratings for a single louve with clear glass can achieve a U rating of 6.3 & a SHGU rating of 0.73. Double glazed louvers can improve these ratings to a U of 4.12 & a SHGU of 0.66.

· Keep you house cool all day by simply opening your louvers.
· Sleep well at night by using louvers in your bedrooms to let the fresh night air in.
· Ventilate toilet areas with louvers to clear the air constantly
· Keep you bathrooms steam free by using louvre windows which prevent steaming & assist in drying
· Remove cooking odours & heat by installing louvre in or around your kitchen
· Screen can be easily fitted to louvre frames which is especially important in bedrooms
· Security bars can be fitted to louvre frames in areas where there is considered risk
· Timber louvers can be used for privacy or to block harsh sunlight

The sizing of louvre windows is only limited in width with a maximum recommended width of 900mm. For wider openings a mullion can be used to divide the frame into banks of louvre windows. Height of louvers can be as little as 320mm. Each bank of louvers can be broken down into sections with a number of handles on each gallery to further optimize airflow through the building.

Louvre window handles & clips are available in 25 standard colours and anodized aluminium colour.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

About Us

Established in 1946 Hampton and Larsson is a third generation family business which has developed a solid reputation for producing quality joinery with both residential and commercial customers. Our production capacity allows us to manufacture and deliver large scale joinery projects to the highest possible standard.
The Hampton and Larsson commitment to excellence:

- All joinery is custom made to your individual specifications.
- Our trade qualified sales staff give personalised advice and service.
- Each piece of joinery is individually handcrafted by our qualified tradesman.
- We use Mortise and Tenon Joints – the oldest and strongest way to join.
- We use contemporary architectural hardware from Centor & Scope.
- Our joinery quotes include all architraves, hardware and flyscreens if applicable.
- We manufacture according to Australian Standard AS2141 Performance of Timber Window Assemblies. In addition, our joinery has been tested and approved by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).
- Our timber is solid select grade timber and is rated as durable or better to ensure our joinery lasts. We will not use timber veneer.
- We process all our timber on site to control all stages of manufacture.
- We use automated finishing techniques to create a superior finish to our joinery.
- In August 2005 we achieved Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification. FSC timber is guaranteed to have been sourced in forests which are managed according to a strict set of environmental, social and economic standards, recognised worldwide and or from non controversial sources. We can now offer our customers the option of choosing FSC certified timber from a well managed forest.
12.Energy Efficient
- We are a member of WERS (Window Energy Rating System) and have an approved energy rating which provides up to 42% improvement in cooling and up to 17% improvement in heating. See http://www.wers.net/
13. Product Guarantee
- We are a member of the AWA (Australian Window Association). Our joinery is Tested, Certified, Inspected and Guaranteed for 7 Years.

(New Brighton Residence)

(New Brighton Residence)